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Welcome to AFG Styles 24/7 online store



AFG Styles was founded in 2008 by one Afghan Canadian student at Toronto University (Information Technology)

As an amateur and lover of music (especially Middle Eastern Music), the founder of the site AFG Styles himself faced many difficulties with supplying Middle Eastern rhythms for his own amateur career in music field during 1990s. Due to lack of professional Middle Eastern instrumental players in Europe, many of Middle Eastern amateur musicians turned to computerized musical system in 1990s. But one could hardly ever find good rhythms, loops or samplers at the time. Noticing that many other Middle Eastern music amateurs were experiencing the same problem in finding good Middle Eastern music styles in the Middle Eastern music marketplace, since then it became one of our biggest mission that one day establish an online Middle Eastern Music and Rhythm Store. The dream came true in January 2008 when our first Rhythm Producing Studio and our Online Rhythm Store ( got launched in Canada by the name of AFG Styles where we have recorded and finalized rhythm sets for both amateurs and professionals Afghan, Arabic, Pakistani, Indian, Turkish, Iranian, Kurdish and Tajiki musicians around the world.


Since establishing our online store (, we got in contact with enormous numbers of Middle Eastern musicians who are in the search for good quality styles for their keyboards. More than thousands of Middle Eastern musicians have yet been supplied with the best rhythms and loops through which we hadn't even expected. Of course, it is a proud for the entire team of AFG Styles. Now AFG Styles is the only online store that you can shop online and buy 100s of Middle Eastern rhythms for any keyboards kind, loops for samplers and even some musical instruments, and download them right a way after you have made the payment. 100% safe and secure.


AFG Style’s Customer Service Team is outsourced to Denmark, from where our intelligent employees always provide our valuable customers the first class and the best service, support and help. Our Production Department is located in Canada (Ontario), from where wide selections of high quality Rhythms (Afghani, Arabic, Indian, Pakistani, Turkish, Iranian, Kurdish and Tajiki) are being produced and placed in our online Rhythm Store for online Purchase and instant Download. Actually the rhythms you are about to purchase from us, are the result of months and years of efforts of professional and high ranking Afghan, Arabic, Pakistani, Indian, Turkish, Iranian, Kurdish and Tajiki music masters that can give you hours upon hours of enjoyment and cheer.


AFG Styles is happy to receive your suggestions, complaints, new ideas and your personal views regarding our website and products. It is for sure that AFG Styles do need your help in improving its products and services. It is 100% guaranteed in advance that your views and suggestions would be taken in consideration as soon as being received.